Wake up call

Posted: 15/01/2016 in POETRY

I have decided not sleep again,
Instead i wanna wake up,
From this sleep of laziness,
From this sleep of Aimlessness
From this sleep of Procrastination,
Cos i want to see a clear direction,
So i stand here with a warm heart,
I put away fear and tear it apart,
Cos i know that failing to plan is planning to fail,
So ilet the words go,
I let the words flow,
I let the word blow,
Your direction for you to know,
that i am speaking out of my pains,
Like the blood in ma veins,
I let them go with rhythim of my heartbits,
Yes in bits then statements,
Which make sense and thats where my sentence commences
That everyone who got where He is has had to begin where he was,
So i start today coz i know that nobody can go back,And start anew begining but anyone can start today and make a good ending.

©2016 Tonythepoet.



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