Be strong in the lord

Posted: 22/07/2016 in POETRY

​I am sick and tired of this life that has no meaning,

I am weak and weary of this life in sinning, 

So in the lord I take anew beginning for in Him there is no sinning but there is winning,

For we are  fighting an invisible war, a fight for our souls 

So I don’t wanna utterly fall, Instead I want to depend on the lord, 

Who is my stronghold, For without Him can’t even crawl, 

So i wanna be strong in the lord not physically but spiritually,

Cos to Him I belong so I get along as long as I am strong,

For He is still on the throne,

So I don’t wanna abuse my youth,

Instead I follow ways of truth,

Girding up my waist,

Having put on the breastplate Of righteousness,

Functioning in a Godly mind,

To walk and be the most kind,

Coz without His light I am blind,

I can’t see am left behind,

So I take up the shield of faith, To remain intact, 

Exact, Infact having  a clean heart, full of light,

To block out any darkness, 

Coz He is my strength in ma weakness,

He fills me with the right spirit in ma emptiness,

So to Him I remain immovable, 

My faith unshakeable as I put my trust in Him,

So be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might, 

Be equipped with His armour,

So you can win the fight, 

Blessed are the people, who put their trust in the Lord 

and go out to the battle,

with his shield and sword. 


  1. Hilda Kosgei says:

    Awesome Tony


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