Upright Woman

Posted: 14/05/2018 in Christian


A virtuous woman is a woman of worth,


character and beauty;

she does not disrespect herself by exposing her

precious body in public.

She is woman who does not dress indecently to entice,

seduce or tempt the weak brother.

She has senses,


simplicity style in her dressing and her entire wardrobe honors God.

She dresses elegantly but she doesn’t strive for outward beauty,

That just turns men’s heads towards her she strives for inner beauty that turns men’s hearts towards God.

The style of a virtuous woman is not Determined by Hollywood but by the Holy Word

she doesn’t just follow trends;

she sets Trends.

She doesn’t just follow glamorous models;

she is a glorious role model.

She is not a disgrace to her sisters or a snare to her brothers;

A humiliation to her boyfriend nor a dishonor to God.

“Who can find a virtuous woman?

For her price is far above rubies.”

Proverbs 31:10

  1. mary says:

    nice peice


  2. newface says:



  3. peter says:

    I like it


  4. Clement says:

    Keep it up


  5. Boniface says:



  6. benson says:

    i love it


  7. Mary says:



  8. Sospeter says:

    She one of a kind


  9. Rajab says:

    Beautiful keep it up brother


  10. mheshimiwa says:

    I like your narration Tony. You inspire to aspire. Your poets transform elegantly and boldly bring the Godliness of messiah to our ladies. Proverbs 31:10 says it all about the noble woman. My the Almighty raise you to the cliff and preach the Gospel via poet to the world. Let the Almighty shower you with ideas to feel up your creattivity in poet.

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