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When I feel afraid,
And the sky are turning gray,
The world shatters all around like breaking glass,
I will trust in you,
In you and what you say,
For i know your word will always last,
In your love I will always trust,
cos its never failing,
Never slows,
Never quarreling,
Its always there will always care,
Never giving up,
always lifting me up,
Out of despair,
Into repair,
with God i am loved,
with His everlasting reaches,
The kindness it teaches
Am no longer a lost sheep.
Am found.



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Now I’m chasing patience
I need it for greatness
Everything is everything
And I am not a star
I am a meteor on a crash course towards Earth
Sometimes, I wish I was a kid again.
but i will be patient,
Until even patience,
Tires of my patience.

On the sidewalk

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Gone bad.jpeg

She was crying
And I was trying…………… find my self
cos I was lost,
walking alone on the sidewalk,
There she was so
I paused,
I did not know the cost of her tears
Or her fears,
I could not move any further so i stood there,
Beside her,
As she was shaking,
The thing which which drew me near
with a sincere….
I muttered what’s wrong,
She sobbed her self up and said,
Its over
And I said what’s over,
she said she was my only hope,
now I don’t know how she cope,
she is gone to worldly life,
I raised her well
now I can’t even tell,
who she is anymore,
she is so lost,
Forgotten about the cost of her worth,
Drinking and smoking is the only thing
That keep her busy all day long,
moving from one club to another singing songs,
I thought she was the one who will change our lives,
And make us proud,
I guess I was wrong
She is lost in the crowd,
Its like I don’t even know her
My sweet girl gone bad.

Be true to yourself

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Yes see I know your mountain may seem so tall,

 Until you feel like, you are pushed to the wall,

And  you’ve reached a point to fall, but

Just take it easy and Hold on cos I am not ashamed of the gospel of harvest,

 See I know it is real, cos I have tested of His Love

And I know there is no corner no dark place, His love cannot fill,

And when the life start causing waves it’s our devotion to Him that makes them still,

So Standstill and know that he is so caring and He expects us to know His will,

By having Patience, Resilience and Perseverance like a farmer who plants a seed and waits n wait for it to grow and mature

Cos whatever a man Sows that what he shall also Reap,

 I mean He is the Ultimate Farmer so he expects us not Sleep,

But to Keep his word `into our hearts,

 And walk by faith not by Sight,

 I lift up my eyes high to the fields n I see a sign of Maturity,

 I see a sign of Ripening of crops Yielding Waiting for gathering,

 So put down my sickle and get into work,

 I mean get into Prayer cos Prayer Prepare my heart,

Restores my souls and Changes by my attitude to do the will of God,

 Coz He is not just giving us the Fulfillment of our hearts and personal needs,

But Gathering of corporate Healing, Leaving us Renewed,

Our Heart being made Brand new, our lives Refreshed by the Blessing of Harvest,

I mean I see prosperity of acquiring assets

I see Encouragement out of Discouragement, I see Victory out of Misery,

I see Growth of out of winning Souls,

I see Truth I mean I see Light, as His word is a light to my feet,

 So I see the darkness go away cos He is the only way, the Truth and the life

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My environment my life
I wanna go Green and keep my environment clean,
See its all of us so it’s seven Billion dreams,
In this one planet,
So I take the reason to lean and glean that litter that you dropped knowingly,
When you passed by, so I ask myself why?
Are you the one the one who throw litter here and there?
Are you the One who say my environment is my care? ,
I mean just look around you there are very few trees,
Things won’t be like this in a year or two,
If pollution is all that we do and produce,
Our world is always changing,
Constantly rearranging and it’s never going to be the same again,
It was all beautiful it was all wonderful,
It was all green and clean,
The smell of fresh air, the sound of River flowing,
Now all that is wasted, the color is just awful, the smell of pollution is killing me,
The sound of traffic is not sweet to me,
Now we are all blind and it’s like we don’t even care,
Breathing our new found Air,
That is polluted, emitted from industries, factories and from you and me,
The world is getting is smaller, and it’s breaking into bits,
So let’s put it together piece by piece,
By planting more trees than cutting down these trees
Coz we’ve been too silent for long, now let’s talk the talk and walk the Talk,
By following the direction of environmental protection,
I mean trees are just amazing cos they provide us with fresh air that we breathe in,
Give us medicine that cure disease, food that we take in,
They have so much to offer compared with the reason of destroying them,
And you still call that progress,
How can that be progress if it’s taking us to a place of extinction?
I mean just close your eyes and think for a moment,
A world where there are no trees, how will that place be?
Rivers will dry up, all vegetation will be cleared out,
And the rate of death will increase and shoot up,
So I hate to see toxic smoke from industries go up carelessly,
I hate to see you and me throwing litter here and there thereafter litter will be everywhere
I hate to see you and me cutting down these trees,
I hate to live a brief life so I decided to think globally and act locally,
My environment is my life USAFI UJAMII,
It’s the well being of all humanity, so let’s build back our home cos we are one big family,
And that Is where we belong so let’s Be the change that we want see,
My environment is my life USAFI UJAMII.
Lets beat plastic pollution
coz if you can’t reuse it Refuse it.

Tony the poet

Your words

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your word

Your thoughts are the words i speak,
Your words are the thought i think,
Your words my mind penetrates,
Alife without you i cannot take,
Your word lives in me,
Hidden in my heart,
Never with them will i part,
Listen to the beat of my heart,
how the emotions and vibrations start,
how it thuds through my ribs,
And this is how how i live ,
more than a thounsands times aday,
I have a thousands words to say,
That i will worship, praise you till my voice is sore,
Till my loving heart beats no more.


Be true to yourself

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See I am tired,
Am angry, am frustrated,
All I need is love from above,
Coz I am in a dilemma,
I don’t know what is my next step coz am in a comma,
They want me to be like them,
They tell me never to bring shame,
To the family, daily they remind me,
Of what am supposed to be,
Unluckily that is not what I want for me,
See I wanna take a pen and a paper and draw,
Coz that is all I know,
But they tell me No, let go of that mere dream,
Coz its chances for success are slim
I wanna take a mike and sing, songs coz my heart is full of songs,
With music I feel I belong,
Yes it’s my next home, but they tell me No,
I want to take a pen and write and write coz my mind is pregnant with plenty of ideas,
But they don’t understand and put that in their ears,
So they tell me son you cannot be a musician,
Instead you can a physician, technician, doctor a pilot an engineer,
When I ask why they tell me that the profession does not pay a lot,
But I think not,
Coz it’s not about the money,
It’s about what i love, what I dream,
It’s about my passion,
My vision put into action through my determination,
Yes physician, technician is good profession,
But I think I do not want to be like you dad a doctor,
I think I have another option perhaps like safaricom I have a better option,
I think I need a mentor,
Who can guide me;
Take me, through I what I want to be,
Coz it’s all about me,
Dad I know am I supposed to respect you, but If I do
What you want me to do I will be disrespecting me,
You tell me to accept but my acceptation is not accepting,
Instead it feels like rejecting,
And its affecting me mentally,
so please let me do this one thing, to follow my heart and do the right thing.

Upright Woman

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A virtuous woman is a woman of worth,


character and beauty;

she does not disrespect herself by exposing her

precious body in public.

She is woman who does not dress indecently to entice,

seduce or tempt the weak brother.

She has senses,


simplicity style in her dressing and her entire wardrobe honors God.

She dresses elegantly but she doesn’t strive for outward beauty,

That just turns men’s heads towards her she strives for inner beauty that turns men’s hearts towards God.

The style of a virtuous woman is not Determined by Hollywood but by the Holy Word

she doesn’t just follow trends;

she sets Trends.

She doesn’t just follow glamorous models;

she is a glorious role model.

She is not a disgrace to her sisters or a snare to her brothers;

A humiliation to her boyfriend nor a dishonor to God.

“Who can find a virtuous woman?

For her price is far above rubies.”

Proverbs 31:10


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A- is for accomplishing yours goals,

C-is for conquering your fears,

H-is for having support from your friends and family,

I-is for inspiring the people who understand you,

E-is for the excellence you made over the years,

V-is for the victory and surviving the madness,

E-is for everything you believe and making it come to life,

This is what ACHIEVE means to me because we can control our life and destiny.

If my poetry aims to achieve anything is to deliver people from the limited ways in which they see and feel.