Stand tall

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I feel unappreciated and distress,
How can i do what i love without causing a mess,
I thought it might be fun to write on here,
But sadly my taste are not welcomed anywhere,
I must say goodbye to this collection once and for all,
Because my time here is about to collapse and fall,
My hopes are getting small,
It feels like am being pushed against the wall,
but i will never give up,
I will stand tall,
Have got this under control
And i know my goal,
If you are dying on the inside, how are you gonna live right?
so i keep my flowers in the sunlight,
Cos i have seen my candle shining bright,
At the end of the tunnel.





My Post

I got up early one morning 
and rushed right into the day; 
I had so much to accomplish 
that I didn’t have time to pray. 

Problems just tumbled about me 
and heavier came each task; 
“Why doesn’t God help me?” I wondered 
He said, “But you didn’t ask.” 

I wanted to see joy and beauty 
but the day toiled on, gray and bleak; 
I wondered why God didn’t show me. 
He said,”But you didn’t seek” 

I tried to come into God’s presence; 
I used all the keys at the lock. 
God Gently and lovingly rebuke 
“My child, you didn’t knock.” 

I woke up early this morning 
And paused before entering the day. 
I had so much to accomplish 
That I had to take time to Pray

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New Being

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There is this voice that is inside of you,
This voice that speaks to you,

That which wispers to you like the wind whistling to you,

all the day long,

That which feels that this is Right,

That which knows that this is wrong,

This voice that says to Him i do not belong,

Because you feel like you are so dirty,And

You are saying that you are not worthy,

coz your relationship with God Is broken, 


And now there is a gap,

Coz there is no water flowing in your tap,

But He says He’s never gonna stop,

Loving n Forgivin’ you,

Coz He did not come for those who are righteous or rather accurate,

But those who are hopeless n Desparate,

So that He can accumulate n Activate,

New life in them so as to operate under the direction of the spirit,

For with that,

The Old will pass away,

Behold the new will come their way,

New life,New sight in Christ,

For He took the Cup,

He was used Up,

His Blood poured Out,

On the cross just to Clear Up,

Our inquity,

Yes it was made possible,

Though with so much worldness,

So much selfishness,

So much pleasures to the flesh,

You cannot enter His Kingdom,

But when Christ is in You,

Then Out of world,Out of self,Out of darkness,

Out of sin,

For in Him there is light,

That shines so bright,

So am a new creature n i have a future,

Coz i no longer bear the same relationship with God,

My old connection has been dissolved n in Him i am involved,

For i was lost but now am found,

I was an alien now i am a son,

For He lives within me,

And I in Him,

New creation New Being,


Be strong in the lord

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​I am sick and tired of this life that has no meaning,

I am weak and weary of this life in sinning, 

So in the lord I take anew beginning for in Him there is no sinning but there is winning,

For we are  fighting an invisible war, a fight for our souls 

So I don’t wanna utterly fall, Instead I want to depend on the lord, 

Who is my stronghold, For without Him can’t even crawl, 

So i wanna be strong in the lord not physically but spiritually,

Cos to Him I belong so I get along as long as I am strong,

For He is still on the throne,

So I don’t wanna abuse my youth,

Instead I follow ways of truth,

Girding up my waist,

Having put on the breastplate Of righteousness,

Functioning in a Godly mind,

To walk and be the most kind,

Coz without His light I am blind,

I can’t see am left behind,

So I take up the shield of faith, To remain intact, 

Exact, Infact having  a clean heart, full of light,

To block out any darkness, 

Coz He is my strength in ma weakness,

He fills me with the right spirit in ma emptiness,

So to Him I remain immovable, 

My faith unshakeable as I put my trust in Him,

So be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might, 

Be equipped with His armour,

So you can win the fight, 

Blessed are the people, who put their trust in the Lord 

and go out to the battle,

with his shield and sword. 


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Be strong in the Lord  and the power of his might,

equipped with his Armour  so you can win the fight,,

Blessed are the people  who put their trust in the Lord,

and go out to the battle  with his shield and sword ,

To be a good soldier,  afflictions we must endure,

The path is not easy  and has hardships to be sure ,

We must endure all things  for the elect’s sake,

So they might of  God’s great gift partake ,

The world will fight against us  and will oppose,

But we are on the winning side ,

because our Lord arose  Jesus did arise victoriously from the grave,

Now we can go out to the battle  in his name and be brave,

We are the Lord’s army  to go out in Jesus name,

and to the whole world  the gospel proclaim,

The devil will flee when he hears  the name of God’s son,

He is a defeated foe  and by God’s power out done.

The biggest obstacle standing in your way it’s you,

Coz it’s you who keeps saying keep can’t make it,

It’s you who keeps saying No I can’t achieve it, see it’s all about you,

When Obama say yes we can, you are still there saying no I can’t,

When papa God say give me your hand,

You are still on the ground you don’t want to try and stand,

When G.O.D says this is my command you still don’t want to follow and understand,

So it’s all about you,

You are therefore the biggest problem facing yourself,

You are too negative about yourself,

You say there is no point even in trying,

You say there is point in praying,

Be born again and become brand new,

Be positive and start believing in you,

So believe that the only person better than is you is you,

So then reinvent yourself,

By getting rid of your negative self,

Start building bridges between yourself and success,

And therefore you will see the progress and prowess,

Coz the only person qualified enough is you,

Other people have mere opinion about yourself but you,

You have facts about yourself,

So translate your thoughts into action,

And start working towards it,

Coz one step in the direction of your dreams is better than a thousand descriptions of your dreams,

One action will do more for you than a thousand intentions,

So if you started you are the right track,

Be encourage by the fact that you are no longer where you were,

Be inspired by the fact that you are getting closer to where you want to be,

plan well so that you can hit your dreams running,

And do not be among those who are still planning,

Coz hardwork, accountability and integrity

Are the driving forces towards us reaching our goals and dreams?

Tony the poet.

The unread letter

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A man  before  leaving  for  work, left  a  letter on the  dining  table  for  his wife. Chores around  the house kept the woman from  seeing the  letter until about 12 noon. When she  finally  chanced on  the letter  she was  so  excited to  see  that her husband had taken time to write  her a letter.  She kissed the  paper when she saw  “my beautiful  wife”  at the  top,  hugged  it when  she  saw  “I  love you with all my heart”  at the bottom, and  sniffed  it  when she  realized it smelled of her husband’s  perfume.  

Out of excitement,  and without  even  bothering to read the  content  of  the letter, she made up  her  mind to cook him  his favorite  meal for dinner that night. She quickly  rushed  to  the  kitchen and got  to  work. After  cooking and setting the  table, she  went to the wash room  and  took  a shower, put  on  her most attractive  night gown  and  dressed  the bed.

Just  as  she was  about to  finish laying  the bed her  husband walked into the house. When  she heard him come  in she  went  out to  welcome  him. To her surprise, her husband was  very  furious when  he  saw her. She became very confused and  asked  why he  wouldn’t  even let  her welcome  him  with  a hug but  instead have that  angry look  on his  face.

The husband  asked,  “Did you read the  letter  I  left  you on  the table?”
The  woman responded, “Oh yes I saw  it.  That’s  why I  went through  all  the trouble to  prepare  your favorite  meal  for you. Thank  you  so  much honey, it  was  sweet  of  you.”
She  leaned  in to give  him a  kiss  but  he  pushed  her away to her  surprise.

The husband  went  on,  “If you did,  then  why haven’t  you done any  of the things  I instructed you to  do?”
The man went  inside and  came  out  again quickly  with an already  packed suit  case. He headed  straight for the door and said  to his wife, “See  you in  7  days.”

The  woman stood there confused  but before she could utter a word, the  door had slammed behind him.

She  went  back  to the dining  table to  take a  second look  at  the letter.

It  read……
My  beautiful wife, My company  has  asked 4 colleges and  myself to  go  on a seven  day trip  to  Dubai for a training  program. They said  that  we  can  bring along  our  wives and I  thought this will be the best  opportunity  for us to  have the honeymoon we  never  did  after we  got married.
I have already packed a  suit  case  for myself,  so  kindly  do too. Our flight leaves  at  exactly  7 pm so  I will be home at  6 o’clock  for us  to  go to the  airport.  No need  to cook diner  since there will  be  food on the plane. Just  be prepare  to  go  as soon as I get  back. Please be ready before  I get  back  otherwise I will be  forced  to  leave you behind, seeing  that  the purpose of this trip is for a training program and  me  bringing  you along is just an added  bonus. I Love you with  all  my  heart.

I bet  you  thought this woman was  unwise when  you realized  her  mistake  as you read this  piece.

Well unfortunately  this is  the  state  of  many Christians in the  Body of Christ  today. We have  come to  accept Jesus  into  our  lives, and are  excited about  our being children  of  God  and the fact that  He will come back  again  for us  one day, yet we  have not taking into account what  He  expects of us before  His return.  
This is simply  because  our  Bibles are closed. We  have  read a few scriptures in  the Word and are excited about  promises but have completely  ignored the ‘How’ in the  Good Book.
You do  not know  a man  if you do not  know  His Word.
How  then do  we  marry a  groom  whose word we have so relegated into  the  background in the pursuit  of signs and  wonders.  Unfortunately  what many don’t  know  is  that  the word is the  power for  signs and wonders, so  if  we  go for the  word  these things we are chasing  will  chase  us.

Let us pay attention to His letter, which is the Word of God. It will draw us close to His desire for us and put us on the pedestal of victory over this world and it’s challenges.

God bless you.

When silence speaks

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A seed grows with no sound, but a tree falls with huge noise… Destruction has noise, but creation is silent. In your success remain silent as there is power in silence. Grow Silently! 
Cultivate Silence

A farmer discovered that he had lost his watch in the barn. It was no ordinary watch because it had sentimental value for him.
After searching high and low among the hay for a long while; he gave up and enlisted the help of a group of children playing outside the barn. He promised them that the person who found it would be rewarded.
Hearing this, the children hurried inside the barn, went through and around the entire stack of hay but still could not find the watch.

Just when the farmer was about to give up looking for his watch, a little boy went up to him and asked to be given another chance.
The farmer looked at him and thought, “Why not? After all, this kid looks sincere enough.” So the farmer sent the little boy back in the barn.
After a while the little boy came out with the watch in his hand! The farmer was both happy and surprised and so he asked the boy how he succeeded where the rest had failed.
The boy replied, “I did nothing but sat on the ground and listened. In the silence, I heard the ticking of the watch and just looked for it in that direction.”

A peaceful mind can think well than a worked up mind.
Sometimes the noise in our life is so much with no clarity on what to do. The mind seems so occupied with lots of thoughts that promotes fear, discouragement & anxiety.
Let peace guard ur heart.


Wake up call

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I have decided not sleep again,
Instead i wanna wake up,
From this sleep of laziness,
From this sleep of Aimlessness
From this sleep of Procrastination,
Cos i want to see a clear direction,
So i stand here with a warm heart,
I put away fear and tear it apart,
Cos i know that failing to plan is planning to fail,
So ilet the words go,
I let the words flow,
I let the word blow,
Your direction for you to know,
that i am speaking out of my pains,
Like the blood in ma veins,
I let them go with rhythim of my heartbits,
Yes in bits then statements,
Which make sense and thats where my sentence commences
That everyone who got where He is has had to begin where he was,
So i start today coz i know that nobody can go back,And start anew begining but anyone can start today and make a good ending.

©2016 Tonythepoet.


Just be you

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A bone may be the sweetest
food in the world of dogs,
but you’ll never see a hen
chasing after bones even
when it’s starving. A worm
may be the sweetest food in
the world of hens, but you’ll
never see a a dog chasing
after worms even when it’s
starving. Some things are
not your portion. You were
created for something
special than what others
may see. When Daniel
rejected the king’s sweetest
food and waited for his own
sweetest food, he grew
better than those who ate
the king’s food. What the
dog eats and lives, the hen
may eat and die. Your
sweetness is not determined
by others sweetness. Don’t
follow others to taste their
lives. Your time will